The REThink Game

REThink is the therapeutic game that uses psychological science to help youths find their superhero emotional strengths!

Given that mental health in youths is a serious problem worldwide, REThink game offers an accessible, attractive, and effective means to the prevention of emotional disorders in youths.

The first version of the game was developed to work on mobile devices. We have tested the efficacy of the REThink therapeutic video game in a randomised clinical trial which showed that it brings significant improvements in the depressive moods of youths, in their emotion-regulation abilities and their cognitions.

Based on the REThinkWELL grant (PN-III-P2-2.1-PED-2019-3837) and the REThink Emotions grant (PCE 136 ⁄ 2021-2023), the video game is currently refined and extended on all mobile devices (not only IOS) and tested in a precision medicine framework.

REThink Game Sneak Peak

See levels here:

The REThink game is developed around the character of RETMAN, which practices Rational Emotive and Behavioral Therapy, and guides the youths in saving the minds of the Earth inhabitants from the powers of the Irrationalizer.

REThink is the online therapeutic game designed by psychologists and proven to be effective in the prevention of emotional problems of youths.

REThink is taking care of the emotional health of each young person and coaches her/his emotional skills while having fun. It builds the essential emotional skills for being happy and successful in life.

REThink is the therapeutic game that uses psychological science to help youths find their superhero emotional strengths!

How to play?

The game is based on 7 levels, each one created to help players achieve a unique skill to help them restore the bright mind on Earth. The first level will train them in how to read humans’ emotions and understand what feelings people have. Then they will set off to a territory where they can learn to relax and be mindful of their surroundings. Their third mission is getting to know and cultivate the good thoughts as well as challenge the bad ones. After they have conquered these challenges, they have the chance to change negative thoughts into good thoughts. To achieve the 5th key, the players first need to solve a problem. Even in the dark times of the Irrationalizer, there are still positive emotions. Players need to find them and they’ll be closer to saving the Earth. Through the training of the bright mind, the Irrationalizer has gone into hiding. It’s time to challenge him and restore happiness and the bright mind once again.
RETMAN is there to guide them, so they should listen closely and they will find the key to save the planet from the Irrationalizer.

The REThink Life Game

The REThink Life Game is a 3D therapeutic game that uses psychology science that aims to train a specific emotional regulation ability and has an embedded assessment system consisting of four levels. The assessment system for the game consists of one sublevel for each level, all tailored to assess a distinct emotion regulation skill. The game is developed based on the REThink Game (mobile version) soon to be adapted for VR use.


This game has an in-built Guiding system, that allows the delivery of the game to have it turned on or off. This guiding component is present both at the beginning of each level and at the end. The Optimizer can convey this as a coaching component following the levels’ rationale. Researchers have the option to activate/deactivate guidance as necessary.

Description of the REThink Life Game Levels

The players can choose to access any level using the below menu:

Level 1, called „REThink Emotions”, is meant to assess the players’ abilities in emotion recognition.

At this level, the players are to select the correct answer between an emotion and neutral state and as the game progresses, so does the difficulty.

At Level 2, named “REThink Mindful”, players are meant to learn how to enhance their mindfulness and relaxation abilities by learning a breathing technique.

At Level 3, called “REThink Rational” , the players should neutralize irrational beliefs with rational ones.

In Level 4, called “REThink Positive”, the players’ mission is to quickly and correctly the smiling faces among various negative emotions.

Currently, the game is only available for research purposes at the following email address:

REThink Life Game will soon be available to play on STEAM platform.