The general objective of the REThinkACADEMY project is to integrate cutting edge ecological and game based assessment and prevention tools into an innovative online platform, and test its efficacy in the prevention of emotional disorders in college student population. The project will make use of innovative tools developed by the project director, the mobile MoodWheel and the PsyPills apps (David & David, 2019), and the REThink therapeutic online game (David & Fodor, 2022), in the assessment and mental health support of college students.

The project is based on the Grant PED Experimental Demonstrative Projects, Title REThink ACADEMY: Helping universities to effectively care for the mental health of college students in the digital age, UEFISCDI (548.000 RON; director professor Oana David).
This project will provide a viable, accessible and evidence-based preventive digital solution to support the mental health of college students, scalable to other universities.

Update December 2022

This stage of the project the focus was on refining the apps that will be used in later stages of the project. We developed and released the StudentMood app that includes the mood wheel tool, physiological parameters and self-report questionnaires. Also, we started the process of adapting the REThink Game to the student population using latest digital technologies.

In this stage we started the first study, the evaluation of the student`s mood through the current semester using ecological momentary assessment system. Over 500 students enrolled in this study and we perform actions in order to maintain their engagement.

Future activities in the project will focus on developing the REThink Game for student population and its assessment system to be validated later on.


Tomoiagă, C., & David, O. (2022). The Efficacy of Guided and Unguided Game-Based Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy in Reducing Distress in College Students. Games for Health Journal11(6), 403-413.
2022Games for Health JournalTomoiagă Cristina
David Oana

College students` mental health is an international prioritized research subject. Dedicated interventions are constantly developed to be more suited, attractive, and effective and to reach as many students as possible. Our study aims to investigate the efficacy of an online game-based cognitive-behavioral therapy transdiagnostic intervention (REThink game) in reducing psychology students’ distress.

Our sample consisted of 139 students (mean age 26.27; 17 male students and 122 female students) who voluntarily enrolled in our study, and they were randomly assigned to 1 of our 3 groups (REThink game without guidance n = 44; REThink game with guidance n = 46; or care-as-usual control group n = 49). They completed the pretest questionnaires (distress [negative functional and dysfunctional emotions], rational, and irrational cognitions), then they were offered to play the trial version of the REThink game, and after that, two specific levels focused on relaxation with mindfulness abilities, and on cognitive change emotion-regulation abilities. After completing the game, students in the REThink game with guidance received email support aimed to help them implement the skills learned in the game. Results showed medium effect size improvements for the REThink game without guidance group compared to the control group in terms of dysfunctional negative emotions and improvements in irrational cognitions for both experimental groups compared to the control group. So far, the REThink therapeutic game proved to be a promising innovative, efficient, and highly accessible intervention for helping students manage distress.