REThinkWELL Project

The REThinkWELL project is developed based on the experimental-demonstrative grant 346PED/2020, awarded to Associate professor Oana David by UEFSCDI (2020-2022).

The project aims at implementing an integrated online therapeutic platform that will be accessed by youth, parents and clinicians. The main original feature is the integration of state of the art online/mobile and gaming technologies into a unique platform that allows easy access to personalized, accessible and validated prevention.

The platform aims to allow access to attractive, easily accessible and evidence-based prevention for youths. The system will be validated in the second step as an integrative, multi-componential and adaptive platform for the prevention of emotional disorders in youth. The platform includes tools that were separately tested in laboratory conditions and found to be effective: 

  • the online REThink therapeutic video game (David, Cardos, & Matu, 2018a,b), the main component of the platform
  • the online REThink Parenting and Rational Parent Coach mobile programs based on the validated curricula Rational Positive Parenting Program (e.g., David & DiGiuseppe, 2015)

Based on the findings, the REThink platform will be further refined and enriched in the future with additional modules for specific populations and difficulties.

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REThink Parenting

REThink Parenting – The Rational Parenting Coach app is a mobile parenting program aimed at offering evidence-based personalized support in the prevention of youth internalizing and externalizing disorders.

REThink Parenting is based on evidence-based curricula and advancements in evidence-based techniques and tools that aims to promote positive parenting and support parents in coaching emotional health in youths. The REThink Parenting program builds on an already tested positive parenting program, the Rational Positive Parenting Program (see David, 2014; David, Capris, & Jarda, 2017). The program has been extended for targeting emotional symptoms in youths, and will capitalize on recent advancements in unconditional youth acceptance, the transdiagnostic ABC model of the Rational Emotive and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, and schema therapy techniques. The main innovative methods of the app are the personalized intervention, the interactive format, video modelling, gaming tools and ecological assessment tools.


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Dissemination of results at conferences

TitleYear Conference
Personalized Psychological Interventions for Stress Management and for the Prevention of Emotional Disorders:
Innovative Online Tools that can Facilitate Access to Evidence Based Suppor
2022International Conference of Psychology Students
Efficacy of CBT using Online and robotic technologies in the prevention of emotional disorders
2021 10th International Congress of Cognitive Psychotherapy
Validation of a gamified system for the assessment for emotion regulation abilities in youths
2021 European Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies: CBT Back to the future
Gamified assessment of emotional regulation skills and game-based personalized prevention of emotional disorders in young people 2021 Conferinţa APR „Psihologie şi Tehnologie: Conectaţi la Viitor” 2021

Book chapters

Book titleChapter titleYearPublisherISBN
Rational-Emotive and Cognitive-Behavioral Approaches to Child and Adolescent Mental Health: Theory, Practice, Research, ApplicationsRational emotive parent education2021Springer
New Directions in Rational Emotive Behaviour TherapyRational Emotive Behavioural Coaching2021SpringerISBN 9781003081593
A psychological approach to adoption and foster careCognitive‐behavioral training program for adoptive parents and foster care2021PoliromN/A


July 2022 – REThink Game was selected among the finalists for Games for Change Awards 2022 – Best Health Game and has participated in the Games for Change Festival

July 2022 – DATA Lab has received Capacity Building Grant from Child’s Play Charity

2021-2022 – REThink Game was selected finalist and we participated in the Research Valorization Program (RVP-2.0) North-East Regional Development Agency with the support of the World Bank Group in Romania



Marie Danet, Ph.D. Associate Professor at Laboratoire Psitec, Université de Lille – Nord de France

County Center of resources and educational assistance (CJRAE) – 9 counties

HIVE Mental Health hackathon mentoring studentsCOST Initiative EuroFamNet (The European Family Support Network)

Marie Yap, Ph.D. Associate Professor at Monash University School of Psychological Sciences, Monash, Australia