REThink Parenting

REThink Parenting – The Rational Parenting Coach app is a mobile parenting program aimed at offering evidence-based personalized support in the prevention of youth internalizing and externalizing disorders.

REThink Parenting is based on evidence-based curricula and advancements in evidence-based techniques and tools that aims to promote positive parenting and support parents in coaching emotional health in youths. The REThink Parenting program builds on an already tested positive parenting program, the Rational Positive Parenting Program (see David, 2014; David, Capris, & Jarda, 2017). The program has been extended for targeting emotional symptoms in youths, and will capitalize on recent advancements in unconditional youth acceptance, the transdiagnostic ABC model of the Rational Emotive and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, and schema therapy techniques. The main innovative methods of the app are the personalized intervention, the interactive format, video modelling, gaming tools and ecological assessment tools.

The program is implemented in association with PAINT Lab – Parent Interventions Lab, part of the International Institute for Advanced Studies in Psychotherapy and Applied Mental Health.

The REThink Parenting program is also being tested as part of dissertation research initiatives.

The first study tests the efficiency of the REThinkParenting-Rational Parenting Coaching mobile program in preventing emotional disorders of children at risk, aged between 8 to 12 years old from Romania.

After completing the program, we expect children to improve their emotion regulation skills and have a lower level of emotional problems. Regarding the parents participating in this study, we expect their stress levels and irrational cognitions to reduce significantly and to apply more functional parenting behaviors.

Thus, we aim to investigate the efficiency of the mobile application REThinkParenting-Rational Parenting Coaching in an at-risk group from a socio-demographic, emotion regulation and difficult temperament of children point of view.