Ecological mood assesment and intervention tools

Mood Wheel

Mood Wheel is a  mobile-based app and also web measure that uses experience sampling procedures for the assessment of current/previous emotions using a GRID format combined with the binary theory of distress. The aim of the tool is to measure users’ emotions considering not only their valence but also their functionality (see David, 2013).


PsyPills is a self-help psycho-educational instrument intended to build stress resilience and to target (only) mild and transient negative mood states, alone or in combination with other methods/instruments.

Psychological Pills (PsyPills) are inspired by Rational-Emotive & Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT/REBT), which has strong evidence for its efficacy/effectiveness in human development/health promotion and in the treatment of a variety of psychological conditions. 

The PsyPills app was tested in a pilot study and showed positive effects on reducing distress. We will test the efficacy of the app adjunct to other therapeutic tools within the platform in our projects.