Ecological mood assesment and intervention tools

Mood Wheel

Mood Wheel is a  web and mobile-based app that uses experience sampling procedures for the assessment of current/previous distress and positive emotions. The aim of the app is to inquire about the valence, control and functionality of users’ emotions.


PsyPills is a self-help psycho-educational instrument intended to build stress resilience and to target (only) mild and transient negative mood states, alone or in combination with other methods/instruments.

Psychological Pills (PsyPills) are inspired by Rational-Emotive & Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT/REBT), which has strong evidence for its efficacy/effectiveness in human development/health promotion and in the treatment of a variety of psychological conditions. 

The PsyPills app was tested in a pilot study and showed positive effects on reducing distress. We will test the efficacy of the app adjunct to other therapeutic tools within the platform in our projects.