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PSYCHOLOGICAL TECHNOLOGIES AND SOLUTIONS SRL is a dynamic spin-off of the DATA Lab at BBU, focusing on the market technology transfer and transition to scale of the innovative psychological interventions tested. Leveraging the expertise and research capabilities of the DATA Lab, our spin-off aims to bridge the gap between scientific advancements and real-world applications, particularly in the field of mental health.

Our portfolio includes several technologies that have reached proof-of-concept and higher Technology Readiness Levels (TRL), demonstrating their efficacy and potential for widespread adoption.

The REThink therapeutic game is a groundbreaking digital intervention designed to enhance emotional resilience and mental well-being among young people. Utilizing evidence-based techniques, the game has shown promising results in reducing emotional problems and improving coping strategies.

The PsyPills app complements the REThink game by providing on-the-go mental health support through personalized interventions and resources. Tailored to individual needs, PsyPills empowers users to manage their mental health proactively, fostering self-awareness and self-care.

Furthermore, the REThink Parenting program extends our reach to parents, equipping them with the knowledge and tools to support their children’s emotional development effectively. By engaging parents in the process, we create a supportive ecosystem that nurtures positive mental health outcomes for the whole family.

Our dedicated team is led by CEO Professor Dr. Oana David, a visionary leader with a deep understanding of technology’s transformative potential in mental health. Working alongside her are CSO Dr. Psy. Cristina Tomoiaga, an expert in psychological interventions, COO Psy. Ioana Iuga, who oversees operational excellence, and CFO
Răzvan Gavita, responsible for financial strategy and sustainability.

Together, we are committed to driving innovation, scaling our solutions, and making a meaningful impact on mental health outcomes globally.