Offering evidence-based interventions to prevent mental disorders is of crucial importance, given that more than half of the youths with mental disorders do not receive the care they need. At the Digital Affective Technologies in Therapy and Assesment Lab, we are devoted to building and testing groundbreaking innovative digital tools that can support the emotional wellbeing of those in need. We have developed the REThink therapeutic online game that uses psychological science to help the youths find their superhero emotional strengths! The REThink Game is currently available based on research projects on the REThink Emotions platform.


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The REThink Platform is an online web and mobile platform offering attractive (e.g., gamified) and integrated preventive solutions for the emotional well-being in youth.

Contact us here if you want to be our collaborator in future research initiatives: rethink@rethinkplatform.ro.

Digital Affective Technologies in Therapy and Assessment

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